[LIVE] GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 Sale [UPTO 30% OFF]

GeneratePress is one of the most celebrated and best themes in WordPress. It is also one of the most used and downloaded themes from WordPress. There are various other themes available in the market, but what makes GeneratePress black Friday 2020, so much a celebrated theme?

The biggest confusion while making a website is choosing the right theme. Themes allow you to create a well-designed interface for your website without the need of a graphic designer.

The theme market is filled with options, one of the best being GeneratePress, and having a GeneratePress premium allows you to choose from a plethora of options to select the right theme for your website.

Well, you don’t have to worry much about the dollars you will have to spare, with WordPress themes black Friday, you can easily get the best of themes for dirt cheap prices. And with the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020, you can get a GeneratePress premium with about 30% discount.

This deal isn’t something you can pass on, this beginner-friendly theme allows you even a novice to create a professional-looking website in no time.

Read ahead to know more about GeneratePress.

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GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 Sale

About GeneratePress

GeneratePress is fairly a new theme option for wordpress.org launched by Tom Usborne, a professional web developer. They offer free themes and if you wish to enjoy a lot more features and professional themes you can always opt for GeneratePress Premium.

GeneratePress is termed as a freemium theme. It has gained popularity recently with nearly 3 million downloads, 300K + active users, and 60K + happy customers.

This theme is designed for newbies to help them create sites easily using GeneratePress Child themes and pre-made templates but this doesn’t mean pro-coders can’t use their skills to optimize their sites. There is enough freedom to customize your site with all your coding skills.

It is popular as the free version is a good place to start with and then you can move to GeneratePress premium during the GeneratePress black Friday 2020 for more customization options.

It is secure and stable, less than 30Kb in size provides a good speed website, SEO optimized, WCAG 2.0 standards are met to make sure your website is accessible easily and it has no dependencies – all the clutter has been cut out to provide a clean theme and website.

Why Should You Choose GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress is simply the right place to start as a beginner and also to use as a pro coder. You get a massive list of features that make it worth every penny you spend on the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020, which are described below.

GeneratePress Performance-Based Features

Stable & Secure

The generate press theme provides a very stable and secure website. GeneratePress uses the latest coding standards and the most secure languages to keep your website protected. A group of professional developers continuously scan GeneratePress themes to look for loopholes and threats, ensuring complete safety.

The code has been being reviewed individually by leaders in the WordPress community, which means you are using one of the most well coded, stable, and safe themes for WordPress.

Super Light

GeneratePress believes that its users shouldn’t be burdened with a heavy theme, which would eat up their storage and slow down their website. Hence, they try their best to provide the smallest footprint to their users. When you install GeneratePress on your website it takes up less than 30kb of space, allowing you to have a lot of space for further additions and keeps your website super fast as a bonus!

Speed Oriented

A website with a slow loading speed is a liability, you lose more leads than you gain, simply because they jump to your competitors. Speed is essential and GeneratePress has been designed for performance and speed. It has been coded meticulously to cut out all the clutter of dependencies like Java Script’s and CS which reduce blocking issues.

It has a clean code and is always under the review of a plethora of WordPress users who ensure to get rid of all the unnecessary elements that could hamper the speed. With so much emphasis on speed and performance, the lean coded theme is less than 30KB ensuring it doesn’t lag and runs smoothly.

No Dependencies

GeneratePress has kept its coding clean and doesn’t pack up extra things to create dependencies. It has ditched JQuery to keep the Java script clean and your website super smooth. The no dependencies idea from GeneratePress ensures you have nothing blocking your rendering.

Search Engine Optimized

In this competitive web, you need your website to rank on the top on SERP, or else you lose out on more than 80% of the viewers who potentially search for you. GeneratePress understands this and has kept its themes HTML optimized, it uses validated HTML, provides lightning-fast load speed, and also has schema.org built in to give you a head start with your SEO journey.


Your website needs to be accessible to everyone, sometimes few people aren’t able to access your sites due to some configurations. With GeneratePress you get WCAG 2.0 Standards that means no will be left out from accessing your website!

These are just a few features that you could make your website a lot better with just a small investment in the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 by getting your GeneratePress Premium.

Here are a few features that make GeneratePress User Friendly:

Easy To Customize

Any theme you choose on WordPress will provide you a lot of customization options. What makes GeneratePress special is that you can customize each and every aspect of the theme whether it be the header, blog post area, sidebar, padding, margins etc. you can change the color scheme, looks, typography, and text fonts.

Basically, you can change everything about the theme as per your need. So, whether you are a newbie or a pro, it has something to offer you. With GeneratePress premium you literally customize every bit of your website.

Next Level Setting For You Website

In other themes, you can choose to have a sidebar or not and resize the blog post area. You can’t really choose what elements you want on each page, on your sidebars and widgets. With GeneratePress you get “Layout Meta” which allows you to customize sidebar elements, footer widgets, and whatever you want on each page to optimize your site.

Pre Made Site Library

Being a beginner it is hard to decide how to go about your site, especially when you have a completely blank page displayed to you. With GeneratePress your WordPress site already has a lot, you are given a site library where there are a lot of demo site options which you can view and choose what suits your business needs the most, then you can easily edit them the way you wish easily.

GeneratePress Child Themes

Child themes are really important for customizing your website, leaving the parent theme untouched. GeneratePress Child themes are widely appreciated and help you add on a theme to your parent theme, with the latter being the bearer of the codes, so your updates won’t stop but you’ll have a website that looks exactly how you want it to!

Freedom To Add

Well, you might have a favorite page builder or a plugin that you wish to add to your website. GeneratePress gives you complete freedom to do so with it being page builder friendly and plugin compatible.

Language Options

Well, it is not necessary that your website has to be in English nor is it necessary that the person viewing your site will know English. With GeneratePress you can easily solve this problem – the themes on GeneratePress are translated into over 20 languages, so that means you and your viewers can access your website in 20 different languages, helping you gauge viewers from all across the globe. You also get full support for Right to Left Languages.

There are a lot of WordPress themes black Friday but none like GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 that lets you get GeneratePress Premium for up to 30% discount.

Here’s what you get with GeneratePress Premium:

You get access to all premium modules available on GeneratePress.

In the free version, only a few themes on the site-library are free to use, but with the premium version, you get access to all the themes on the site library.

GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 is an investment for you if you are a developer. As one GeneratePress Premium log in lets you create multiple websites, this could be your own websites or even your clients, it doesn’t matter!

You get complete one year of support from a pro team and continuous updates that give you the latest security patches and themes.

A major concern before going premium is that renewals are expensive. But with GeneratePress this is not the case, you get a 40% discount on your renewals!

Still not sure about investing in the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020? Don’t worry, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee! So, you can try it out and if you aren’t satisfied you get your money back.

GeneratePress Premium Details

Here comes the main part, how much does GeneratePress premium cost?

It costs about $49.95 for a one-year license key of GeneratePress Premium, which provides you with all the above-mentioned features.

After a year you will have to pay a renewal fee to continue having the license, however, you can get a 40% discount on your renewal which comes up to $29.97 for the subsequent year.

Well, the initial pricing shouldn’t be an issue as with GeneratePress Black Friday deals you can get up to 30% off on the bill. The deals haven’t started yet, but well GeneratePress Black Friday sale is worth the wait.

How To Create GeneratePress Account?

Once you decide on investing in the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020, you need to know how to create a GeneratePress Log in and purchase a GeneratePress premium during the GeneratePress Black Friday sale.

Follow the below steps:

  • Go to www.generatepress.com
  • On the top right side, you will see multiple tabs. There will be a tab – “Premium”, click on it.
  • As soon as you click, you will be redirected to a new page. Here you can view all the details of the premium version and its offering.
  • Click “Get now”, with this you will be redirected to the payment page.
  • Fill in your payment details – you can choose PayPal or credit card.
  • Then you will be asked for your personal details which are used to generate your bill and create your login. You will be asked for a username and password, and this will be the GeneratePress login.
  • Specify the billing country, accept the terms and conditions, and click on purchase.
  • Once, you do the payment formalities, you will receive a confirmation mail and voila! You will have your GeneratePress premium login ready!
  • There is no option to fill in promo codes, so you will have to find a GeneratePress Black Friday sale link that will auto-apply the discount.

How To Use GeneratePess For Free?

If you cannot really put your money in the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020, you can always use GeneratePress for free.

Follow the steps below to install GeneratePress for free on your WordPress site:

  • Go to WordPress.org and log in to your account with your login ID and password.
  • Head over to your dashboard and click on Appearance.
  • You will be displayed multiple options, choose “Themes”.
  • There you will find an option to search for themes, search for GeneratePress.
  • Now, all you have to do is install it, click on “install” and wait for GeneratePress to be installed.
  • Lastly, go ahead and activate it! Once done you will be able to use the various themes and other features offered.
  • If you wish to upgrade to the premium plugin you can always do so by purchasing it during the GeneratePress Black Friday sales!

GeneratePress Review

Well, all said and done with the technicalities, pricing, etc. You can definitely find alternate themes for your website, so why exactly is GeneratePress so popular and claimed to be the best? You can easily understand this with all the GeneratePress reviews.

It has 1000+ 5 star ratings and is active on 300,000+ websites, these numbers show you the trust consumers have on GeneratePress.

On reading multiple reviews from professional web developers, WordPress Educators, Founders, and Freelancers, you will find one statement in common “GeneratePress is the best theme available for WordPress.” All reviews revolve around its speed, usability, ease of use, customizability, clean coding, less than 30KB size, and the site library.

Many of the users strongly affirm going premium after using the free option, because of all the modules, a wider range of themes, and continuous updates.

Personally, GeneratePress is definitely a good place to start with as you get it for free. And the free version doesn’t restrict you or provide you with just basic themes. It provides you enough to build a professional-looking site, besides all the customizing options allow you to make it look like your own site.

The option to edit sidebars, widgets, blog site size, navigations, typography, color, etc. is quite impressive and gives the satisfaction of designing your own website. Overall, it’s a complete package for your theme needs, and going premium during the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 is the best thing you can do for your websites!

FAQs On GeneratePress Black Friday

1) Do I need to necessarily purchase the license key after the first year?

If you get GeneratePress Premium you have to renew your license every year. However, this is not necessary, if you don’t get the license key you don’t get updates and you don’t get priority support. If you can compromise on those ends, it is ok to not renew the license key. Your sites won’t be changed, once you get premium it is yours forever!

2) I’m not sure about going premium, what should I do?

Well, firstly going premium isn’t that expensive with the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 but still, if you are skeptical don’t worry! GeneratePress provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. So go ahead give it a try, if you aren’t happy you can get a complete refund.

3) Can I use GeneratePremium on multiple sites?

Yes, you can use your premium subscription on how many ever sites you want. Once you purchase it, it is yours forever and you can use it on any number of sites you want whether it’s your own site or a client’s.

4) Why should I renew my license when it doesn’t change my site?

Well, having the license gives your priority support from the professional tech team and the next thing is you get continuous updates. These updates are important as they get you the latest modules, themes, latest features, bug fixes, updated site library, performance enhancements, and security patches.

5) Are there any discounts on renewals and the purchase of premiums?

For purchase, you can easily get a 10% discount from them directly, however, wait for a GeneratePress black Friday sale you can easily get up to 30% discount. Renewals are available on a 40% discount, so you really don’t have to spend much on getting and using GeneratePress Premium, especially using GeneratePress Black Friday 2020.

Concluding GeneratePress Black Friday 2020

We tried our best to include every detail you need to know about GeneratePress. It is surely one of the best theme centers for newbies and leaves no coins unturned to provide pro-coders an arena to showcase their skills. With complete customizing controls, you can design your website exactly the way you want it.

There will be no lag because of the light-weight-clean code and you don’t have to break your head to design a site as you will get multiple options in the site library.

Going premium is really worth every penny you spare, and well, it is really not that expensive if you get in the GeneratePress Black Friday 2020. So, what are you waiting for? Level up your website scene by a huge margin by going premium this GeneratePress Black Friday sale.

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