GeneratePress Vs Genesis 2020 | The Winner Is Obvious!

If you are a blogger or a digital marketer or a website developer or just anyone who is trying to make a website on WordPress you would need to choose out of the multiple theme options available out there.

If you are a newbie, then it can get really overwhelming with so many options out there – it gets really hard to choose one theme especially when you need to pay for them.

If you are a pro it is a tough call as to where you should invest because you can only make a choice based on claims the theme makes, you don’t know who performs the best in which sphere.

Any one making a website would need a theme that is fast, not heavy on storage, provides enough freedom to customize, is easy to work with and most importantly SEO optimized.

We have already narrowed down the list to two of the best themes available – GeneratePress and Genesis. Now, which is better and more suitable for you will be answered by this article – GeneratePress Vs Genesis WordPress Theme.

GeneratePress VS Genesis WordPress Theme – Overview

Before we go into technicalities and start the actual comparison let us first understand the basics of the two themes up for the contention. This is will help you have a general idea of both the themes and help you make an initial choice.


GeneratePress is a rather new theme which is termed as a freemium theme from It has gained popularity recently with nearly 3 million downloads, 300K + active users, and 60K + happy customers.

This theme is designed for newbies to help them create sites easily using themes and pre-made templates but this doesn’t mean pro coders can’t use their skills to optimize their sites.

There is enough freedom to customize your site besides you get a lot of support from the owners to create your site if you are a newbie. It is popular as the free version is a good place to start with and then you can move to the premium version for more customization options.

This is one of the best themes for newbies without much coding skills, trying to do DIY stuff as there are a lot of Child theme options catering to their need.

It is secure and stable, less than 30Kb in size, provides a good speed website, SEO optimized, WCAG 2.0 standards to make sure your website is accessible easily and it has no dependencies all the clutter has been cut out.


Genesis is rather the more pro theme. It comes from StudioPress a popularly known name in the WordPress world. It excites pro-coders as they get a lot of freedom to do whatever they wish to do. It has long being the number one framework option in the theme market.

There is so much buzz about Genesis because of the dedicated SEO options that are available, helping you rank higher on the SERP. Genesis is backed by a reputed cult of coders continuously developing it. It brought out the idea of parent themes and child themes which are widely being used now.

After it took over Thesis to become the number one framework it never looked back, it has been a powerful theme supported by its loyal users since then.

Even though it never marketed itself for speed, you can’t deny the lean coding behind this powerful theme that makes it surprisingly fast. It stands well for what it is marketing i.e. SEO options and aesthetics in designs. You have a lot of 3rd party page builders to support your design.

Even though Genesis is popular with Pros, it doesn’t mean that newbies have nothing here. It isn’t really popular with newbies because there is no free option like GeneratePress, otherwise, if you pay for this as a newbie you get a lot of support and options to create your website without any hassle.

Since, Genesis created the concept of parent and child themes, rest assured you will find a lot of child themes to help your DIY out. After reading this general overview on GeneratePress VS Genesis WordPress themes you must be clear about the basics of both the themes.

Though Genesis is paid and you might need GeneratePress Pro, don’t worry there is always GeneratePress Black Friday 2020 deals and Genesis Black Friday deals to help you.

When you pick a theme leave the money aside and first understand the features and what suits you better.

GeneratePress Key Features

Performance & Speed

GeneratePress has been designed for performance and speed. It has been coded meticulously to cut out all the clutter of dependencies like JavaScripts and CSS reducing blocking issues. It has a clean code and is always under review of a plethora of WordPress users who ensure it is secure and stable all the time. With so much emphasis on speed and performance, the lean coded theme is less than 30KB ensuring it doesn’t lag and runs smoothly.

Mobile Friendly & Search Engine Optimized

In today’s competitive digital world having a fine tuned SEO site is necessary, simply because the 1st result on the SERP takes away 60-70% audience and by the time its page two there’s hardly anyone viewing you. Being mobile friendly helps your site rank higher on mobile devices, GeneratePress is mobile friendly you don’t have to make adjustments to optimize your site for mobiles. It uses a validated HTML code and packs the (known for boosting your SERP ranking, especially local ranking). With all this you already have a SEO footprint ready.

Highly Customizable Theme Options

Any theme you choose on WordPress will provide you a lot of options and even customizing options. What makes GeneratePress special is that you can customize each and every aspect of the theme whether it be the header, blog post area, sidebar etc. you can change the color scheme, looks and text fonts. Basically, you can change everything about the theme as per your need. So whether you are a newbie or a pro, it has something to offer you.

Level Setting For Your Website

In other themes you can choose to have a sidebar or not, resize the blog post area and that’s it. You can really choose what elements you want in each page on your sidebars and widgets. With GeneratePress you get Layout Meta which allows you customize sidebar elements, footer widgets and whatever you want on each to page to optimize your site.

Pre-Made Site Library

Being a beginner it is hard to decide how to go about your site, especially when you have a completely blank page displayed to you. With GeneratePress your WordPress site already has a lot, you are given a site library where there are a lot of demo site options which you can view and choose what suits your business needs the most, then you can easily edit them the way you wish easily.

Now, read through what Genesis has in store for you so that you can decide what features appeals more to you and you have a clear idea of which theme to go ahead with.

Genesis Key Features

Search Engine Optimized

In today’s digital world SEO is a critical task. If you website isn’t SEO optimized you are sure to lose out on a lot of leads and also, being lower on the SERP is a big blow for your blog or e-commerce site. Genesis has a lightweight code, it supports and all the themes are optimized by SEO experts.

Don’t worry about future updates as Genesis automatically updates its codes according to SEO algorithms updates. Being mobile friendly is also very important and since Genesis is coded on HTML 5, you don’t have to worry about this too.

Customizable Child Themes

Genesis is the pioneer in child and parent themes and they understand what people need for child themes. With the Genesis framework and any themes (per say from StudioPress) you can easily customize your site the way you want to. You can add any kind of widgets and where you want to. You are not restricted you can improve your sidebar, widgets, profile page etc. any way you wish to!

Super Secured

Security for your website is very important because you really don’t want a hacker to ruin your site or take control over it or post nonsense. When you use nulled themes or free unsecure themes, you make it easier for hackers to take over and WordPress is a popular portal and hence attracts hackers even more. With the Genesis framework and child themes you don’t have to worry about this, as they are coded in the most secure way and is continuously patched up with security measures.

Unlimited Uses

Genesis is a onetime investment, especially a very high ROI one if you get it from the Genesis Black Friday Deals. You pay once and you can use your license on n number of sites and you also get brilliant customer support from world class coders and developers. Getting this unlimited access helps you save a lot and get a brilliant return on your investment.

Now that you are aware of the key features of both GeneratePress and Genesis WordPress Theme you can easily make a clear decision as to who is the real winner for you in the GeneratePress Vs Genesis WordPress Theme.

This is a small table showing the highlights of GeneratePress VS Genesis WordPress Themes stating who performs better in which sphere.

Now that we have provided all the comparable features of GeneratePress VS Genesis WordPress Theme, you can easily choose which one suits your needs better.

To understand better you can and you should read GeneratePress Reviews and Genesis Reviews to get knowledge firsthand experiences of users and professional developers.

You can easily find like minded users telling you what worked for them and what did not and you will have the right idea of where to invest whether the Genesis Black Friday deal or GeneratePress Black Friday deal.

Concluding GeneratePress Vs Genesis 2020

This GeneratePress Vs Genesis WordPress Theme was a tough comparison to make as both of them are market leaders and each catering to a specific need. There is no sphere in which either one lacks and it is a tough choice to make. However, to give you a conclusive idea you can take these lines into considerations.

If you are coder and need the freedom to do everything you wish to besides getting support and help, Genesis is the option for you. However, if you are a newbie and need the spoon-feeding go with GeneratePress as you can start using it for free and second it has a lot of demo sites that you can just directly start using without much hassle.

If you are an e-commerce and know the value of SEO for your site, you should go for Genesis framework as it is backed by SEO experts who constantly work on their themes to keep them SEO optimized. However, if you are a blogger and don’t wish to pay much to keep your site up go with GeneratePress because you can start using it for free and continue because you have a lot of options.

Over all, both are really fast, secure and stable it all depends on if you wish to pay or not and if you have a coding fear or not. You can go for the premium version of anyone with the GeneratePress black Friday deal and Genesis Black Friday deal and get your sites up and running!

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