[LIVE] Grammarly Black Friday 2020 Sale [GET UP TO 70% OFF]

Are you looking for grammarly black friday 2020 sale? In this digital world, whether it be texts, e-mails or contents – we pretty much write all day long. It is widely known that proper grammar can make your content sound a thousand times better, but well how much can MS Word advice you other than just spellings and basic grammar?

You could be a grammar Nazi but while writing you might miss out on small details and for the rest of us who aren’t so proficient with grammar, we always lose out on that fine tuning on our contents.

Grammarly is the best solution to all your issues while writing – proofreading, grammar, spelling, sentence formation, engagement, delivery, etc and it also allows you to fix in standards according to which your content will be scored.

We understand that you might have used the grammarly free trial and always wished to get grammarly premium to unlock those amazing features, but you always look at the cost and stop. Black Friday has arrived with huge deals and discounts.

We are here to help you out, Grammarly Black Friday 2020 will provide great offers and maybe grammarly premium for free.

Read ahead for a complete guide on Grammarly and Grammarly Black Friday 2020.

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Grammarly Black Friday 2020 Sale [LIVE] [GRAB UP TO 70% OFF]


Introduction Of Grammarly

Grammarly is a digital writing tool that uses AI to provide suggestive improvements to the content that you type and enhances it by miles. It looks at every aspect of your text from wordings to grammar to tone to its delivery and a lot more and provides you with valuable improvements that you can auto implement or use to write in a different way.

It isn’t just a website, it has an app- Grammarly App, a plugin Grammarly Chrome Plugin that helps with your emails, and Grammarly for Word can be an additional feature to your MS Word. Go ahead and try it for free with grammarly free trial and you for sure will be tempted to upgrade to the premium version, we will have your desire covered with the grammarly black Friday 2020.

What Do Grammarly Offer?

Grammarly is that one stop solution for all your writing issues. Whether you are a professional writer, student or a corporate employee, grammarly can enhance your writing skills and content by a huge margin. It is suggestive in nature and that allows you to learn rather than just optimizing your text.

Grammarly offers its services with a free version – Grammarly Free and a paid version – Grammarly Premium.
The Free version is the one you get when you opt for grammarly free trial. It offers basic features like:

1. Browser Plugin: You can add the grammarly chrome plugin to allow Grammarly to help you with your emails. It suggests on spelling, basic grammar and conciseness. This will ensure your emails look more professional than ever and you will never have any typos or silly errors in your mails. It also checks on whatever you type on the internet.

Get ready to impress your colleagues and bosses with your brilliant mails. If you are someone who sends out hundreds of mails each day, you should definitely opt for the Grammarly Free trial and opt for this plug-in.

2. Content Checker: Even though with the free version you don’t get grammarly for Word, you can use it for checking your articles and blogs through their website. They have a platform which is very similar to word, where you can write and edit text, besides grammarly do its job of enhancing your content.

In the free version you don’t get the most exciting features, however, you can always use something to improve your work and also to check if you need Grammarly Premium or not. The Free version checks on:

3. Spelling: As you type, it keeps checking for incorrect spellings and highlights it with a red underline and provides you the right spelling. You can choose the right one and fix your wrong spellings.

4. Basic Grammar: It checks on basic things like usage of articles, basic punctuation checks, sentence formation, suggests rephrasing to improve your sentences and a few other basic grammar norms that can have a huge impact on your writing.

It also tells you how many advanced errors which you have made, which can be viewed only with the premium version. However, you can use this to check them out yourself.

5. Over-All Score: In the free version you can set 5 goals – Audience, Formality, Domain, Tone and Intent. Each of these have options you can choose from and based on that Grammarly provides you an over-all score, which helps you understand if you are meeting your goals or not.

A low score would mean you aren’t on the right track with your content. The thing to note is, you won’t suggestions on improvement – that feature is available only with the premium version, which you can unlock for cheap with grammarly black Friday 2020.

6. Basic Parameters: It provides you scores on key criterion to ensure you deliver the best content. They are – Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, and Delivery. Each of them display a qualitative measure and help you understand what you should improve on. However, the free version just shows a qualitative value and doesn’t tell you how to improve.

You can use the free version for however long you wish to but if you really wish to get the best out of your writing you must get Grammarly Premium from the Grammarly Black Friday 2020. Here are a few awesome features that it offers:

7. Plugin: The basic feature of the grammarly chrome plugin remains the same as the free version i.e. checking your email content. However, now with the premium version grammarly will suggest you better sentences, higher vocabulary to replace your existing words, and a guide to ensure your email sounds exactly the way you want it for the reader.

8. Content Checker: The website version gets a lot of advanced features with the premium version that you didn’t have in the free version. Now, it doesn’t only highlight errors and gives scored, it gives you suggestions on how to improve and correct those errors to ensure you deliver a 100/100 content. The improved checks are:

9. Spelling: The spell check remains the same with no extra features being added to that.

10. Vocabulary Enhancement: This is a new feature that you get with Grammarly Premium. It looks at your sentence, words and phrases and suggests you words in place of them. This makes your content look more professional and also shows that you have a good vocabulary. They also show the meaning which helps you learn and improve your vocabulary.

11. Grammar: Besides what the free version did, the premium version unlocks advance grammar corrections like punctuations, complex/compound sentence formations, text inconsistencies, and inappropriate colloquialisms. It highlights these errors and then provides suggestive improvements. It also provides you explanation for why it highlighted a particular error so that you can learn from it.

12. Over-All Score: You can set 5 goals – Audience, Formality, Domain, Tone and Intent. Based on this you will get an overall score which help you understand if you are meeting your writing intents or not. Well, with the premium version, grammarly suggests you on how you can change your sentences to meet your goals and ace your content. With this tool you can deliver exactly what you wish to!

13. Parameters: Every writer must adhere to basic parameters to ensure their content is amazing. They are mostly engagement, clarity, correctness and delivery. In the premium version grammarly you ensures you give out the best on all those parameters by showing you a qualitative matrix and suggesting improvements to make the scores better.

14. Plagiarism Detector: Grammarly Login with the premium version gives you a high end plagiarism detector which scans over 16 billion web pages to display accurate results for your content. Besides showing a plagiarism count, it also highlights the plagiarized phrases and shows you the source link.

With this you can ensure 100% original content every time. Also, displaying the source allows you to read up similar content and check if you can add on something more to your existing content. Once you run your doc through this, you can be sure that there will be no other plagiarism engine that can detect anything.

15. Proof-reading: Trust me, as writers if we all dread one thing than it is undoubtedly proof-reading. Not that everyone hates it, but it is a tedious job. And you for sure will miss out something no matter how many times you read it.

Let that worry go, grammarly provides the best proofreading tool and also an option to have human proofreading. You can just sit and click a button and have the best and most capable personnel do the proofreading for you.

16. MS Office Integration: Grammarly for Word is by far the best feature and worth every penny you spend on grammarly black Friday 2020 to get your grammarly log in. Since the web version of grammarly is limited with formatting options, having it on your MS Office is a great hack. Now your excels, presentations and word docs will have zero errors and you can freely format them the way you want.

It works the same as it does on the website or grammarly app. It acts as a plugin to MS Office and checks on everything you type and provides you with grammar checks, spell checks, vocabulary enhancements, sentence optimizations, delivery correction, and makes your content more engaging.

17. One Account Many Devices: One grammarly login can be used from multiple devices. This means you don’t have to worry if you forgot to copy your document or forgot to carry a pen drive. You can easily access all your documents from multiple devices simply by logging into your account. And then with your personal editor you can make all required changes and corrections. This means you carry all your writing skills with just a simple log in.

And a lot more.

There are lot more small features which will make a huge impact on your writing and content. Just use this opportunity and your grammarly premium with the grammarly black Friday 2020 as soon as possible and you will understand why millions of writers are using it!

How To Start Using Grammarly?

Using grammarly is like using any other website. It is the easiest thing to do to take your writing to the next level. You can also use the grammarly app if you need it on your phone. We will tell you how to use grammarly step by step.

Grammarly Free Trial on the Website:

  • The first thing you need is a stable internet connection. Once, you are connected head over to www.grammarly.com and you will be landed on the home page.
  • To start using the free trial, you must first make a grammarly login. It is a very simple process. Follow these steps:
  • You will see a log in tab on the top right side (mostly) of the page. Click on that.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you can either log in or create a new account.
  • Since, you are new you must sign up or else you can just log in. To sign up, you can either use google, facebook or your email ID.
  • If you click on google or facebook, you will be asked to log in to your account and grant some permission. Grammarly traces your name, mail id and photo and automatically creates your account.
  • Using email ID is a longer process, you will have to manually enter asked details and then your account will be created.
  • Once your account is created and you log in, you will be displayed a black sheet.
  • That is basically your working sheet.
  • You can start typing in your content or copy paste it from elsewhere.
  • The right side of this page will display the over-all scores, parameter ratings and word errors. All that you type and edit is auto saved and can be accessed from the home tab.

Do not worry if you don’t understand all the features, as soon as you log in grammarly will give you a full tutorial of what is where? And how to use the tools?

In basic terms the left side tab gives access to your account, files upload, download and print options, and settings. And on the right of the writing sheet you see all that you need to improve your content.

How To Use Grammarly Plugin?

Using the grammarly chrome plugin is very easy. All you have to do is click on get plug in and log in. After which, you will be asked to give a few permissions to allow grammarly to enable the plugin on your browser.

Once it is enabled, the plug in will check your texts and not intrude your privacy. It will provide the same corrections as it did on the website, while you type your mails or social media posts.

The plugin is a very powerful and helpful tool to have installed on your browser! Make your grammarly log in and get this as soon as possible, trust me you need it!

How To Use Grammarly Premium?


I’m sure once you start using grammarly free trial, you will want to have the premium version as you continuously get pop ups like 30 more corrections using the premium tool.

The options the premium version offers is very tempting whether it be the plagiarism test or human proof reading or simple suggestions to improve your content over all.

If you have decided to use the grammarly black Friday 2020 to go premium here’s what you need to do:

Just click on “Go Premium” on the home page or else click on any feature that is not available to you and click “Go Premium”.
You will be redirected to a page which will describe to you all the features and advantages of grammarly premium.

Once convinced you can choose from the packages they have and make the payments.

Woohoo! Your account will be upgraded to the premium version. Happy Writing!

Why Grammarly?

I have already mentioned the benefits of using grammarly free trial or grammarly premium. But, still why choose grammarly? There might be other options as well right? It is simple millions of writers use grammarly and recommend it.

Type grammarly review and search, I can assure you that you will not find solid negative reviews. It is all positive because that’s the quality grammarly provides.

My Personal Grammarly Review

I write pretty much every day and when you write so much it is not possible to keep track of minute details and have perfect sentences. Grammarly helps me do that, it points out errors and suggests me improvements.

It also helps me understand if I’m on the right path with what I want to deliver with my content. The spell checkers, grammar check and parameters are really useful tools and ensure that I deliver my free best. It is also a brilliant learning place, as every time I correct or change a word or sentence, I learn more about my mistake and the correct thing.

You must try Grammarly! It is definitely worth it, if you are skeptical use the grammarly free trial, grammarly app and then plan for the premium!

Reviews By Other Professional Writers

Jeanette Stock, Co-Founder of Venture Out says,
Grammarly is like a superpower to her, it allows her to give in her 110% whenever needed. It is a great tool that ensures her communications are out there in the right manner and she feels confident as she is putting her best step forward.

Sarah Greesonbach, an executive at Life Comma Etc., Richmond, Virginia says,
Grammarly is like her last line of defense. Every time she completes writing a piece and she is sure it is perfect from her end, she runs it through grammarly and usually finds out two or three errors. She feels glad she found them as they were crucial to her piece. This process makes her better at her job and she feels this eases the works for her clients and editor and over all makes her a better writer.

How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost?

Well, so if you decide to go premium and want to know how much it will cost, we are here to tell everything you need to know. They offer you three packages each coming down to a different price point.

The three packages are – Monthly, Quarterly and Annual. The charges are as follows:

Monthly: It costs you $29.95 per month and you make the payment monthly to continue your subscription.

Quarterly: This costs you $19.98 per month which will be billed to you at $59.95 every quarter.

Yearly: This costs you $11.66 per month which will be billed to you at $139.95 every year.

You must pay in stipulated time to continue your premium version.

Concluding Grammarly Black Friday 2020 Sale


Grammarly is one tool every writer must use. They have great statistics which states that 76% of writers enjoy writing even more with grammarly, 99% students using it saw drastic improvements in their skills and 85% of all their users have become better and stronger writers.

The Grammarly free trial, grammarly app and grammarly chrome plugin is one the best ways to experience the power of this great tool. You must give it a try and only then will you understand why I emphasis so much on getting the premium version.

Yes, the price might seem expensive for you but that’s why we mentioned about Grammarly Black Friday 2020. The grammarly black Fridays 2020 bring you the premium version at dirt cheap prices, you get as much as 55% to 60% off on your subscription. There are a lot of coupons and websites that will help you get grammarly premium at a very low price.

Just keep looking out grammarly black Friday 2020, buy it and you will be sorted. You wouldn’t understand why grammarly is so powerful unless and until you try it out once.

Head over to www.grammarly.com, try it out and you will want the premium version!

Happy Writing!

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