[LIVE] WPForms Black Friday 2020 Deal [UPTO 70% OFF]

So, the time of the year is here! WPForms Black Friday 2020 sale is starting from 27th November. If you are a blogger or run a website, you very well know how important forms are for your website. They are your only gateway to information from your customers, readers and viewers.

Whether it be to create a mailing list, make an order, fill out queries, cancel orders, contact you, or anything you need forms on your website to help your viewers reach out easily to you. There are plenty of options out there to help you make forms, but how convenient are they?

You have to first of all design a layout then type out everything perfectly, do all the edits, and then ask a developer to upload it on your site. We have a simple solution for you if you use WordPress for your sites – the WPForms which is used by more than 3 million professionals all over the globe to easily develop professional looking forms.

WPForms allows you a lot of features which are unmatched, you could obviously use the free version or just pick the WPForms Pro or plus version on the WPForms Black Friday with up 60% discount.

Read ahead to know everything about WPForms and WPForms Black Friday.

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WPForms Black Friday 2020 Deal [GRAB NOW]

What Is WPForms?

WPForms is a plugin available for WordPress users which offers its users an easy way to build and attach any kind of forms on their website. It is one of the best plugins available on WordPress and the best one to create forms. It is used by 3 million plus professionals who use this to build professional, smarter and easier forms and surveys.

It helps you create all kinds of forms and surveys. You can easily make email listing form, survey form, donation form, contact form, order form, cancellation form, complaint form, polls, registration forms and just any kind of with in a stupidly simple way with less than 5 minutes! Best part? You don’t need to hire a developer to upload this on your website or code the form for you.

The drag and drop feature makes your task of creating the forms easy and with 100+ templates available you might just not have to do any work. There are too many features that make it one of the most powerful plugins for forms, which is described further in the article, adding to all this you are not restricted from customizing the form. You can easily customize the forms with HTML blocks, custom CSS and section dividers. WPForms is like your JARVIS for building forms.

It has a 5 star customer Satisfaction Rating, lists on the top 12 most popular WordPress Plugin of All time and well with this you also get a 14 day money back guarantee. We know the WPForms Pro package might seem expensive, even though you badly need it but don’t worry the WPForms Black Friday will help you. Keeping reading to know more about WPForms and how you can use the black Friday deals on WPForms to help yourself take your website/blog to the next level.

What Do WPForms Offer?

WPForms is a one stop destination for all your form making requirements. Whether you have just made a new website on WordPress or a professional blogger or an existing website, you need forms to engage your audience and viewers. WPForms makes this job easier by miles. The easy to use interface, multiple pre-set templates and a huge list features WPForms has a lot to offer to make your form making a breeze.

They have multiple packages – WPForms Basic, Plus, WPForms Pro and WPForms Elite, with each upgrade the price increases but so the list of features.

We have listed all the features which will all be available in the highest package i.e. WPForms Elite but may not available on the others like WPForms Pro, please make sure you check the list of features available with your package here: https://wpforms.com/pricing/

Read ahead for a detailed understanding of the features and WPForms Addons:

Drag and Drop Form Builder: This is one of the best features available on WPForms. This powerful feature enables you to make forms in no more than 5 minutes without breaking your head. The feature allows you to add, remove and rearrange fields with a simple drag and drop for your forms and edit it the way you want.

There are multiple templates available that make the job even easier. So all you need to do is choose a template option from contact forms, donation forms, order forms, email list forms etc. and then drag and drop the fields you want on your form. You can also change the order of questions without having to erase the content and re-writing it all over again.

Once done, your form is will be on your WordPress, so there’s no need of hiring a coder! This feature single handedly makes WPForms far better than the other competitors.

100+ Form Templates: The reason making forms are time consuming and really hard is that you have to build it from scratch. This means you have to make your own design, layout and then add multiple fields to just make a simple form, say a contact form. With WPForms you get multiple templates to choose from and then you can easily add, remove and rearrange fields using the drag and drop feature to create your form in absolutely no time.

You get options like News-teller Signup form, billing / order form, donation form, quote form, simple contract form and if you wish to start from scratch you can use the blank form. On choosing either of these, you get a pre-made form as per the requirement which is enough to go on your website however, you could choose to edit them as per your need.

There is also a Template Add-on pack which brings a lot more forms to you, you can choose to download the add-on to make your work easier.

100% Multi Device Responsive: Unlike other forms creators where you have to tune your forms to view appropriately on different devices, WPForms makes this job easier for you. The forms created using WPForms are 100% responsive on muti devices, that means no matter who opens your form on whatever device the form will be displayed perfectly fine. You don’t have to do anything extra, just create the form and let WPForms do its job of making your life easy!

Smart Conditional Logic: A very powerful feature, the smart conditional logic adds real sense to your forms. It automatically shows or hides fields in your form based on the users’ responses. You can create dynamic forms that help you gauge information that you exactly need. Custom field values and text can be displayed as per users’ response.

To understand the usability: A user will be added to the mailing list only if they tick the box, the next question is displayed only when they have an income above Y and you can also hide questions if they don’t select a specific option.

Instant Lead Notifications: Customers usually turn from leads to strangers because of long response times. With WPForms’ lead notifications you or your team gets an email every time someone subscribes or does something that you make marked as a lead generation. You can choose when you should or shouldn’t receive the email. You get all details of the form in your mail and this ensures you always send a speedy response, which in turn impresses your user.

Entry Management System: It is a real pain to get your data sorted from so many forms. It is a real task to continuously switch tabs and gather information from everywhere and since the moto of WPForms is make your form making process so simple, they bring to you a super sorted Entry Management System.

This system sorts all your data and stores them on the WordPress database and you can easily access them from your WordPress dashboard. You can mark favorites, read and also delete not needed forms. You can easily sort these forms too! You definitely need to get at least WPForms pro from the WPForms Black Friday.

Multi-Page Forms: Big forms are tedious to fill, no viewer would like to fill a long form and to improve user engagement WPForms allows you to split your form into multiple pages with a simple point and click. You can easily create multiple paginated sections without any trouble. This makes your viewer feel more comfortable about filling your long forms.

Combined with the drag and drop this feature enables you to make engaging forms in no time – add, remove and rearrange fields and pages.  This feature enables you to easily make multipage registration forms, job applicants’ forms, payment order forms and patient data forms for example.

Upload Files On Your Forms: Sometimes you need a form that allows its users to upload some file, say for making an ID you might need their picture, or for a refund or return order you might need the picture of the defective product or say for a job application you might need their resume to be uploaded. Now, handling the information from the form and then matching it to the attachment received on mail is going to be a hard job.

WPForms has eased this task by allowing you to make a field where users can attach files as a response. Plus, it is secured and accepts only a limited file size to save your shortage space. This is a really handy feature to have for your forms.

User Registration Add-on: You might have a website or a blog where in you would want your viewers or users to create a log in on your website to access certain things or if you are an e-commerce you might need them to log in to keep track of their order.
WPForms add-on has made this so simple by allowing you to make a user registration form.

With this form you can set what kind of access you wish to give someone who logs in, you can use stripe (A WPForms Add-on) to take a payment before log in, and you can also create a custom page for log-in users. There are multiple WPForms Add-ons for mailing lists like mailchimp which automatically add the ids of people who log in to your mailing list.

Spam Protection: Forms are easy targets for bots and spammers. It is really frustrating to see your forms being spammed by such menace and you definitely some protection on your form at least against spam.

WPForms uses honeypot and reCaptcha techs to prevent spams. Both are really effective mechanism to prevent spam and are used by the best of sites. Humans can easily get through reCaptcha but bots cannot, this ensures your user experience isn’t interrupted while WPForms clears out spammers.

Well, if you wish there you can make a custom captcha too. There is a WPForms Add-on – Custom Captcha that lets you customize the captcha with simple math questions or custom questions.

The above mentioned are the highlighted features that WPForms provide you with, beside them there are a lot of WPForms Add-ons available. We have described them below.

WPForms Addons

Payments Addon: WPForms lets ease the pain of receiving payments with payment add-ons. They are from the best finance companies and ensure your money is transacted with immense security and reaches your account safely. Whether you need it for a single time payment or regular donations or for product orders, WPForms Add-ons has options for all your payment needs.

PayPal Add-On: If you are an e-commerce site or a blog that accepts donations, you know it, it is a real task to collect payments. But with the WPForms Add-on for PayPal you can easily create a payment gateway on your WordPress website. The PayPal add-on allows you to collect payments for orders, pre-payments, digital downloads and donations without any hassle.

You can easily attach the PayPal gateway at the end your purchase form, this way as soon as a user is done with the form they are directed to the PayPal page. Adding to this, there are a lot of templates available to choose from which display final order value before someone makes a payment.

You can also choose to start from scratch for your payment forms. For donations you can display pre-set payment figures or let the user enter the value they want to.

Stripe Add-On: If you are an e-commerce site or a blog that accepts donations, you know it, it is a real task to collect payments. But with the WPForms Add-on for Stripe you can easily create a payment gateway on your WordPress website.

The Stripe add-on allows you to collect payments for orders, pre-payments, digital downloads and donations without any hassle. You can easily attach the Stripe gateway at the end your purchase form, this way as soon as a user is done with the form they are directed to the Stripe page.

Adding to this, there are a lot of templates available to choose from which display final order value before someone makes a payment. You can also choose to start from scratch for your payment forms. For donations you can display pre-set payment figures or let the user enter the value they want to.

Authorize.net: Just like PayPal and Stripe, Authorize.net is also a payment gateway that allows you to receive payments and donations without any hassle. The only addition you get with this is additional security.

With Authorize.net you can receive payments anytime and anywhere, it is easy to use on all devices and ensures customers don’t have a hard time making a payment. It accepts all major credit cards and hence doesn’t restrict your customers.

The highlight of this add-on is the advanced fraud detection filters offered by authorize.net that keep your payments safe and secure. You can easily combine this add on with the drag & drop and smart conditional logic to design a beautiful purchase and payment experience for your users.

Mail Listing Addons: As a blogger it is really important to have a good mailing list to reach out to maximum number of people about your latest updates. Even as an e-commerce website you would need a mailing list to notify your customers about latest offers.

WPForms add-ons brings you to a lot of options to choose from like AWebber, MailChimp, Constant Contact Integration, Drip, Get Response etc. We have explained a few of them below:

Mailchimp Add-On: MailChimp is certainly the most popular email-marketing site. The features it offers are unmatchable and being able to integrate this with your newsletter form is a huge benefit. Mailchimp is a popular tool that allows you to make segmented mailing lists, sort your mail lists and send out mass mails.

Having this integrated to your forms will enable to develop very precise and segmented mail lists ensuring you don’t spam your viewers. Combing mailchimp with the Smart Conditional logic you can easily create hyper-segmented mail lists, as smart conditional logic will allow you to keep a check on who gets to fill your newsletter form and on matching what conditions.

Besides, MailChimp segments based on your preference so combing both will give you the lists you exactly wish to have.

Drip Add-On: If do your email-marketing using Drip, don’t worry, you can easily use the drip add-on to continue using the same account for your marketing for your WordPress website. You can simply attach this add-on on your WordPress site and attach Drip on any of your forms and continue growing your mail lists and segmenting them.

Combing Drip with the Smart Conditional logic you can easily create hyper-segmented mail lists, as smart conditional logic will allow you to keep a check on who gets to fill your newsletter form and on matching what conditions. Besides, Drip segments based on your preference so combing both will give you the lists you exactly wish to have.

There are many more emailing-marketing website add-ons which offer the same features as above mentioned. You can choose the one you use for your email-marketing already. The add-ons that are available adding to the above mentioned are:

  • Constant Contact Integration.
  • Aweber
  • Campaign Monitor.
  • Get Response.
  • Active Campaign

Use these WPForms Add-ons to extend your mail list comfortably.

Here are a few more WPForms Add-ons that can help your website a lot:

Geolocation Data: When you wish to market based on demographics and locations, it is really hard to pull out such information about your viewers. You will have to spend a lot of time on your analytics to narrow down your lists. With the WPForms Add-on for Geolocation Data you can easily record the users’ country, state and city when they fill your form. This will help you turn your leads into customers easily.

There is no hassle with using the geolocation data as it is a plug and play add on. Simply add this to your form and you will have all the data you need.

Zapier Add-On: CRM is a very important aspect of any blog or e-commerce store. WPForms understands it is very hard to toggle through multiple applications is really hard and costly, and to just ease your effort WPForms Add-ons allows you to connect your forms with 2000+ applications on the web and your favorite CRM.

You can use this powerful add-on to connect to really important applications like Salesforce for leads, Freshbooks for invoices, HubSpot for contacts, Twilio for sending messages, Slack notifications, Quickbooks, Trello, Asana, Google Contacts to name a few. You can meet endless possibilities with this add-on simply choose the trigger and then the action on completion of data and Zapier will take care of where to send the form data.

Post Submission Add-On: For a blog, guest posts are a real boon. But it is a long process to get a submission from someone, then review it and then finally upload it on your website. This WPForms Add-on allows your users to submit blogs and posts without getting on the admin page. You can easily create a post submission form, and once someone submits a post this add on automatically converts it into a blog post and keeps it on a waiting list. Only once you review it and wish to post it on you blog, it will be posted.

WordPress Survey Plugin: This WPForms add-on brings you to most beginner and user friendly survey form creator. With this making, analyzing and interpreting surveys becomes a breeze, unlike other forms you don’t have manually enter fields and type everything. You can choose from multiple templates and use the drag and drop to easily create a survey form.

This add-on packs a lot of usability by being mobile friendly, bringing you interactive survey reports, real time polls and instant notifications. You can also easily create NPS surveys. The forms generated are easy to embed and spam protected.

Signature Add-on: Creating forms is ok, but when you need signatures on such forms it becomes a real trouble. With the black Friday deals on WPForms get WPForms Pro to solve this major problem with their Signature Add-on. With this you can easily add a field in your form for your users to put in their signatures.

The user can use his/her mouse or track pad to draw their signature and this will saved as a PNG on the form. If they go wrong, they can just close the box and re-draw their signature. You can customize this a lot with the other WPForms Pro features.

This can be used for contracts, petitions, terms of services, deals, non-disclosure agreements etc.

Form Abandonment Add-On: This add-on is worth all your bucks in the WPForms Black Friday. How many of viewers just leave a form incomplete? You don’t even know that bit, additionally you are not sure if they will come back to fil it out.

The Form Abandonment add-on helps you follow up such users and also send them a mail, allowing them to continue the form from they abandoned. This will show your viewers you really care about them and will increase your leads.

Offline Forms Add-On: It is painful when you lose a lead, it is even worse to lose them because their internet fails while they are filling up your form. With this WPForm Add-on, your user will be able to save their forms offline, i.e. even if their internet fails while filling up the form and they exit the browser, their data won’t be lost.

They can easily come back and continue the form from where they exited. This combined with the Form Abandonment Add-on will ensure you never lose a lead. This is definitely a feature that will get you interested in the black Friday deals on WPForms.

There are two more WPForms Add-on that are of great use. The Forms Pages allows you to create a completely distraction free form page ensuring your customers aren’t distracted and with the Form locker you can easily lock all the passwords and secure information etc.

With all the above mentioned features and add-ons we are sure you can’t wait for the Black Friday deals on WPForms to pick up at least the WPForms Pro version. Usually, the prices might seem expensive. The pricings are as follows:

Basic: $39.50
Plus: $99.50
Pro: $199.50
Elite: $299.50

Looking at prices you would definitely wish to get the WPForms Pro or Elite form the WPForms Black Friday. If you aren’t still convinced about this read ahead to know about WPForms Review.

My Personal WPForms Review

WPForms is a very powerful tool and what really impresses me is that you can build even the most complex forms in no time, what is even more impressive is that you don’t need to code a single line. With the powerful WPForms add-ons you can attach payments gateways, follow up with leads, connect to CRM and do so much more for which you would have to toggle through a lot of applications and sites.

Overall, if you are a blogger or an e-commerce website or just anyone who is planning to build a website you must take advantage of black Friday deals on WPForms and get this tool.

WPForms Reviews From Users:

David Henzel says,
Being a businessman time is the most valuable asset. With WPForms he can easily create smart online forms with just a few clicks. Using the drag and drop builder and template he can create a complex working form in less than 2 minutes and that saves him a lot of time. WPForms Pro has been a great investment for him.

Bill Erickson says,
As a developer he appreciates how modern, fast, clean and extensible WPForms is. He says his clients love it, as this is a plug in that they can easily use without any training. The WPForms plug in is the easiest form plugin he has used till date.

Concluding WPForms Black Friday 2020 Sale

So by now, we are pretty sure you would have made up your mind to go ahead and get the WPForms Plug-in and start using it. It is an exciting plugin that makes even a beginner feel he is a professional.

You don’t need to code, you don’t need to waste your time designing and adding fields and you don’t use multiple apps and sites to get results. With the WPForms Pro or any other version you get a lot of features and WPForms Add-ons which are totally worth your money in the black Friday deals on WPForms.

If you are a blogger, e-commerce site or just anyone with a site, stop hiring coders and professionals for simple forms. This plug in is the most beginner friendly and will help you create even the most complex forms in no time. Do not waste your money paying so much, just use the WPForms Black Friday deals and get your plug in!

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